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I'm on a mission to be a catalyst for change with women worldwide who are disempowered in the areas of money and relationships. I am dedicated to inspire, teach, and engage women to own their power in every area of their lives. 

Fierce Femme Founder,

Heather Picken 


Heather Picken

Heather serves as a transformational speaker, coach, and all-around inspirational powerhouse to ambitious women entrepreneurs and executives. Through a skillful combination of her La Dolce Vita Formula and cutting-edge neuroscience, Heather guides clients to break through limitations and limiting beliefs faster than ever before. She offers leadership training, private business and high-performance coaching, workshops, online group programs, and keynotes.


When she’s not working directly with clients, you can find Heather as host of the show, La Dolce Vita: The Formula for Fabulous Living. She is also the best-selling author of four books. 

Time living abroad spent studying the Italian culture inspired her most recent bestselling book, The La Dolce Vita Formula: A Woman’s Guide to a Fearless and Fabulous Life.


Mindset is everything. It can make or break your spirit and your business. If you’re ready to own your power and true potential, Heather's ready to show you how you can create a more fulfilling life.  

As founder of Fierce Femme Wines, Heather sees herself as a curator of wines with a mission to advocate sharing a varietal among women as it inspires dialog, communication, and engagement among colleagues and friends.  "At every pivotal point in our lives be it celebration or concentration, a wine has a way of bringing comfort and inspiring communication and in turn will empower women's belief system that they are able to attain optimum success in their lives."


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